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Card decks


Tarot Deck

(designed by Sarah Bartlett)

A beautifully modern illustrated deck of 78 tarot cards. Discover insights and possibilities with this deck.


Spirit animal oracle

Deck created by J Bergsma

Animal totems and their powerful medicine have held spiritual and cultural significance throughout history. This deck guides you on a journey with 51 different animal helpers. Discover their shared wisdom and energy to help connect you with your own inner strength and guide you through your journey.  


Water crystal oracle

Created by Dr. M Emoto

Dr Emoto found that water molecules can be affected by thoughts, words and feelings. When water is frozen , the crystals reveal the concentration of the thought the water holds. These cards hold powerful images and words to help guide you.  


Angel prayer oracle

Created by K Gray

A powerful spiritual tool to help you to tap into profound wisdom and healing support. Full of loving messages from Archangels with beautiful affirmations. 


Mixed deck

Allow me to intuitively pick cards from different deck for you to receive a fantastic reading.

Readers choice

Allow me your reader to choose a single deck to read from for you. 

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